Virtual Entities REST API

icds_binding (integer) specifies the binding mode. Five of them right now. Most of cases will just need Default (1) or Manual (3). 

Supported binding modes.

icds_binding_ref is the entity reference. The same interface as V1. It is null if no reference available. 

icds_guid is the MD5 turned GUID. It’s immutable as long as the WP user ID is immutable, but the raw (pre-hash) value may be prefixed for various reasons depending on deployment.

icds_roles is an array of guids of roles. Pretty straightforward. Another endpoint is exposed/ /wp-json/integration-cds/v1/roles/

  • id is immutable. Same as user guids, but the pre-hash value is prefixed with “role” by default — may be changed based on deployment.
  • name is the WordPress internal identifier of the role.
  • label is the display name of the role in the service user’s locale.