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Important announcement for the users of Dynamics 365 plugin.

As communicated by Microsoft, effective April 04, 2022, Microsoft Dataverse will be retiring the WS-Trust authentication protocol that is used by custom clients to connect to Microsoft Dataverse. Dynamics 365 Integration plugin uses WS-Trust protocol when authenticating to Dataverse / Dynamics 365 using username and password.

Beginning from version 1.2.32, the plugin includes app id / secret authentication method. This method uses OAuth protocol and will continue to operate as normal.

How does this affect me?

On April 04, 2022, any instance of Dynamics 365 Integration plugin that uses username / password authentication will no longer connect to Microsoft Dataverse after this retirement.

What action do I need to take?

To avoid impact to your operations when this is enforced, please switch your authentication method from username / password to app id / secret. This can be done by changing authentication method on plugin’s Connection tab. If you do not have app id / secret ready, follow this knowledge base article.  It contains step-by-step instructions how to create application registration, connect it to Dataverse / Dynamics 365, and obtain app id and secret.



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