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Dynamics CRM PHP Toolkit

Directly to CRM

The toolkit connects your PHP site, would it be WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, custom PHP or something else, directly to your CRM. No more intermediate services with restricted functionality, no more hosted points of failure. Nothing gets between your code and CRM.

For Developers

Built by developers for developers. We continuously dog-fooding the toolkit by using it daily to build Dynamics CRM WordPress Plugin. Any new feature, any bug fix are rigorously tested to make sure that no existing functionality is broken.

Easy to use

The toolkit wraps CRM API in a set of easy to use PHP objects. That means that it is resilient to API changes and will support new web api shortly after it’s released – you do not have to do anything. We will detect CRM version and switch to the most effective version available for your CRM.


Toolkit supports CRM Online and on-premises versions from CRM 2011 and later, no need to do code anything special. Upgrade your CRM at any time without breaking the portal functionality.

Authentication is a breeze with the support for the standard username/password credentials and OAuth authentication to build intranet sites and pages.

Open Source

Download the FREE toolkit from GitHub